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A Sangguniang Bayan that is Pro- active, development-oriented, with Participative legislative process, responsive, transparent and effective legislative body of the Municipality of Alfonso Lista that will ensure better quality life of the people.


To enact relevant ordinances and approve functional resolutions for certain priority concerns and action of the Local Government Unit that will benefit the greater number of the stakeholders.

To develops an information-based Legislative agenda or policy measures for development legislation.

To ensure check and balance in both legislative and executive branches to enhance good governance and make informed decisions on issues that will lead to a well thought of policy formulation.

Public Deliverables

Accomplishment Report

Accomplishment Report (SB Office)


Fiscal Year 2020 Ordinance
Fiscal Year 2018
Fiscal Year 2017
Fiscal Year 2016
Fiscal Year 2015
Fiscal Year 2014
Fiscal Year 2013
Fiscal Year 2012
Fiscal Year 2011
Fiscal Year 2010