Affidavit of Col. William E. Dosser done in Los Angeles in 1954 attesting that he established the trade post at Duluog (Dolowog), Mayoyao, Mt. Province in 1923.

However, a local revolution in the municipality ensued as the then OIC Mayor John Langbayan Sr. was removed in February 1, 1987 by Secretary Jaime Ferrer of the Department of Local Government and Community Development allegedly for taking part in the failed quo d’etat led by Gregorio Honasan who later became a senator of the Republic of the Philippines. A person not residing in the municipality in the person of Mariano Sison was appointed as OIC Mayor which was vehemently objected by the people.

News of the take-over of Mr. Mariano Sison of the municipal government elicited objections and protests among the youths and other leaders of the municipality. While Mayor Langbayan was protesting his ouster in Manila, the youth and the other leaders calling themselves “Concerned Citizens of Potia” participated by Guillaume Adawe (now employed to the DILG), Charles Cattiling and Glenn Prudenciano (who later pursued their political careers) made a daring bold move.  Among others, they took over the municipal building and barricaded

themselves inside the municipal hall. This is with the intention of preventing Mr. Mariano Sison and his cohorts from entering the themselves inside the municipal hall. This is with the intention of preventing Mr. Mariano Sison and his cohorts from entering the building and assuming office. The Police on the other hand, stood by and only watched to prevent untoward incidents that might hurt either both parties.

While the protest and barricade of the municipal hall was going on, the parents of the protesters and of the people of Potia just closely watched which was unprecedented in the history of the municipality, nobody thought that these youths would dare what they did. The barricade took almost a month with the support of the elders and other concerned people by giving food and moral support. At one time Mariano Sison tried to enter the building by showing his appointment but the barricaders stood against him until Mayor Langbayan was reinstated on March 1, 1987.

In 1988, local elections were held and John C. Langbayan. Sr. contested the Mayorship with Benedict Lumauig, another son of then Congressman Gualberto Lumauig. Benedict Lumauig won and Rogelio Alipio was elected as Vice Mayor. The Municipal Councilors elected were Glenn D. Prudenciano, Gabriel Cabo, Alex Cleofas, Berlito Napolitano, Ernesto Rabago, Sergio Fernando, Ricardo Agbayani and Marino Pinion. After a year Hon. Marino Pinion was murdered in his residence allegedly by leftist terrorists and he was replaced by Elpidio Estabillo.